The Del’s Latest Milestone Honors its Historic Past

Hotel del Coronado’s seaside resort is cloaked in legend. The Del’s Master Plan aims to preserve its cherished traditions of the past while creating extraordinary experiences for a new generation of owners and guests. It is no surprise that the latest milestone of the Master Plan nods to its founding year—1888. See details about the restoration of the historic lobby and front porch—reconstructed to their original grandeur by using old photographs as a guide—plus the installation of a new museum and more, below. 

The Lobby Transports Guests Back to 1888

The latest milestone in The Del’s Master Plan, which will officially finalize with the completion of Shore House, is the legendary seaside resort’s completed restoration of its historic lobby. The lobby now boasts expanded floor space and restorations while keeping the original, historic look. Additionally, steel beams were used to reinforce the wood beams in the lobby, allowing the entrance to retain the traditional interior.

The Front Porch Returns to Former Glory

Along with the lobby, The Del’s front porch was recently completed while the new main entrance opened to the public just this past week—and it looks just like it did when Marilyn Monroe walked up the hotel’s front steps in “Some Like it Hot.” Extensive planning and creative work went into realizing the beautiful front porch after it experienced years of alterations and non-historic additions. One of its most spectacular additions is the period-specific rocking chairs, from which guests and owners can fully immerse in the historic setting. 

In More News…

In addition to these restorations, The Del has restored a working ice house to now serve as a museum displaying the famed history of the hotel. And on the Shore House front? The team is making great progress with window and roof installation as well as MEP rough-in.