Meet Michael Tuesca, Director of Shore House at The Del

Recently named the Director of Shore House at The Del, Michael Tuesca is dedicated to ensuring that owners enjoy an unmatched, unforgettable experience — at all times. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, with over 22 years of experience in the luxury hospitality space. With experience at numerous prestigious hospitality brands like The Ritz-Carlton Luxury Hotels & Resorts, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and more, Michael’s extensive knowledge makes him a passionate leader and hospitality expert. To learn more about Michael’s role at Shore House and some of his favorite Coronado pastimes, read our full interview below.

What led you to a career in luxury hospitality?

It was a happy accident! A new hotel was opening near my hometown and I thought what better way to learn about hotels than to work at a new one and learn from the ground up. I quickly found it was a great place to satisfy my need to help people and to be in a fun, fast-paced environment. 

You’ve worked with some of the most prestigious and recognizable resort brands in the world. What’s the opportunity here for Shore House to set itself apart?

I am thrilled to join such a legendary property and assist in launching the newest experience right on this stretch of golden beach. The level of personalized, caring service we can offer at Shore House, along with the picturesque setting, is the perfect combination for a legendary experience.

What were you most excited about when you learned about the opportunity to be Director of Shore House at The Del?

I was most excited about the potential. Our team will be defining a new experience within a destination that already has over 134 years of history. I think about what our owners and guests will be saying 134 years from now about what we started today.

Can you tell us about your leadership style?

I value my team above all else. Through fairness, consistency, and keeping an open mind and heart, we can accomplish great things. If my team is successful then we all are successful and our owners and guests will experience a level of service where your cares melt away.

We know you’re incredibly committed to offering an exceptional standard of service and aiming for excellence when it comes to the owners’ experience, so could you tell us about what this looks like behind the scenes?

It all starts with great communication. Our team will be doing everything possible to learn about our owners and guests and their needs and desires. These will be the clues that will assist us in delivering personalized moments of surprise and delight.

Can you tell us about the personal concierge services offered to Shore House owners and some of the services they can expect?

Our owners can expect our team to take care of the details and help make everything as effortless as possible.

What has been the process so far for ensuring residences and amenities are in perfect condition ahead of owner arrivals?

Our development and construction team have been working tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect for our owner arrivals. They have created an environment of teamwork and support that is evident in the final product and we are eager to welcome owners soon for their first Shore House stay.

What does it mean to have Shore House recognized as a Curio 5-star hotel?

We will be crafting procedures and staff trainings designed to facilitate superior execution. While recognition and awards are validation we all crave, ultimately our owner and guest feedback is our most important validation.

What’s your favorite part about going to work every day?

The anticipation of arrival. I love driving over the Coronado Bridge and seeing The Del’s turret come up on the horizon. I start to think about all the owners, guests and team members that will cross paths with me that day.

Everyone has a story about The Del. Can you tell us about one of yours?

I love watching my kids as they look at this place. Whether they are looking into the tide pools or admiring the turret, my children’s eyes are full of awe and wonder. I see the same look in the eyes of many of our visitors, and I have to say that I am also guilty of having the same look on my face. You just can’t help but feel awed.

What about Shore House are you most passionate about so far?

I am most passionate about this beautiful canvas onto which our team and I will have the opportunity to execute the art of service. I can already picture our owners and guests laughing and enjoying cocktails at our bar with the sound of the ocean waves crashing. I can already picture our owners and guests smiling as they admire the special touches that have been created anticipating their arrival.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work in the Coronado area?

I love walking along Orange Avenue and discovering the shops and restaurants nearby. I love visiting MooTime Creamery and Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory as I have a very big sweet tooth.