Shore House Takes Form: A Q&A With The Del’s Mike Haslett And Harold Rapoza

As Shore House at The Del – scheduled for completion this September 2022 – continues to take form, we caught up with Mike Haslett, Vice President of Development at BRE Hotels & Resorts, and Harold Rapoza, Jr., General Manager at Hotel del Coronado, for a first-hand account of where Shore House stands today and its historical significance as the final new real estate opportunity.* 

Beyond this exclusive Q&A, watch our brand-new short film for an inside look at where construction is at today – plus a glimpse at Shore House’s final presentation**, with a focus on its striking beachfront amenities.

Q: SHORE HOUSE — Mike, as it relates to the overall exterior construction, can you share with us what stage you’re at and how far along you are?

A: MIKE — As far as the building exteriors at Shore House, our team has roof shingling complete, exterior doors and windows installed, the siding and trim substantially complete,  and we’re now installing balcony railings and trellises as well as have started on balcony tile finishes.

Q: SHORE HOUSE — That’s exciting. It truly is starting to look complete. Now, for interiors of the Residences. Can you share with us what stage those are in?

A: MIKE — The residences are coming along great. Drywall and taping are nearly complete, wood trims, painting, vanities, bathroom tile, kitchen cabinets are all ongoing and coming along nicely, and excited to share that the wood flooring installation is to start next week.

Q: SHORE HOUSE —  Thank you. Now, something special for Shore House is its sense of arrival—from The Lobby itself to its Lobby Bistro and Living Room. Can you shed some light on how far along these are in the construction process?

A:  MIKE —  Absolutely. All of the foundational work is completed, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in. The drywall and taping work is nearing completion and big milestone is upon us this March which is the Lobby cabinets arriving and then installed. Additionally, the living room’s massive fireplace was just framed – it catches everyone’s eye. The elevators have also been officially installed.

A: HAROLD —  It’s been so incredible to witness the Shore House come to life. Owners can really start to visualize what arriving home might feel like, down to which elevator they’ll use most often. Every finished detail helps to piece together the whole experience – for example, the Lobby’s new ceilings give the space a very elegant feel and seamlessly guide the eye out to the courtyard, where the fountain will be placed. 

Q: SHORE HOUSE — Very exciting. Now, let’s talk about the pool and courtyard, which is the center point of the Shore House experience. Can you share an update with respect to it, along with its various aspects?

A: MIKE —  Of course.  So to date, we have completed the pool shell shotcrete and we are now working on all of the waterproofing and setting the pool coping. We’re also in the midst of roughing in the electrical throughout the area and in the middle of framing the pool bar.

Q: SHORE HOUSE — Harold, as you’ve watched the construction process unfold, what has stood out to you most?

A: HAROLD — From the completion of the striking pool design, massive hot tub – elevated at the perfect height to capture direct ocean views – and unrivaled beach entry to the exciting start of construction on the courtyard’s fountain base, the vision for Shore House at The Del is taking life right in front of our eyes. It’s an incredible feat to witness firsthand. 

Q – SHORE HOUSE: Harold – as General Manager of The Del, and involved with all aspects of the Master Brand reimagination, can you describe Shore House in the context of the master plan and reimagination? 

A – HAROLD:  The $400mm Master Plan demonstrates not only a commitment to investing in our guest experience but also our dedication to reinvigorating Hotel del Coronado’s timeless story.  The Master Plan’s restoration, renovation and expansion elements have all been designed with one mission in mind:  To ensure that this historic landmark continues to thrive for the next century, creating treasured memories for generations to come. 

As we progress through the Master Plan journey, we are simultaneously celebrating the meticulous restoration of treasured spaces like the Victorian Lobby, while embracing the modern traveler with the debut of the luxurious new Shore House at The Del.

*Offering whole-ownership, limited-term occupancy resort residential condominiums. 

** Final presentation images are an artist’s conception for the sole purpose of illustrating the possible development of the property depicted.

6 Ways to Soak Up Spring at The Del

While pristine beach weather is year-round at The Del, longer spring days offer even more time to soak up the sea and sunshine. Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite beach activities to enjoy right here at The Del this season.

Beach Spin

Join in on a one-of-a-kind workout on the beach with the beach spin workout class. Cycling like you’ve never done before– set to spectacular ocean views. The Beach Spin workout class meets every morning at 7:30 am for a 45-minute high energy class set to high energy music. 

Image courtesy of Hotel Del

Beach Yoga

If cycling on the beach isn’t your cup of tea, find your inner zen with The Del’s Beach Yoga classes. Enjoy a soothing and strengthening yoga class while taking in expansive ocean views on The Del Beach. General admission and monthly passes can be purchased here.

Image courtesy of Hotel Del

Surf Lessons

Surf’s up! Head down to Del Beach on weekends from 9-11 am for surfing lessons from Del Watersports’ best instructors. You can also reserve private surf lessons, stand-up paddle boarding lessons, and even add a photography package to any of your lessons for some awesome action shots. More details, here.

Image courtesy of Hotel Del

Live Music

Head down to the Beach + Taco Shack for some live music and great food on the beach. Jam out to some tunes while enjoying killer food amid stunning beachfront views. The Beach + Taco Shack offers live music Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2-5 pm that you won’t want to miss.

Boat Rentals

At The Del, guests can choose from a wide selection of options to set sail in the Glorietta Bay marina, located across the street. With speed boat rentals, kayak rentals, yacht charters, fishing trips and jetskis, the options are endless for the perfect on-water excursion.

Bike Rides

Returning in March, The Del offers bike rentals, available daily on the Wellness Terrace in front of The Del Spa & Salon. Find the perfect bike path for you with endless routes ranging from breezy, casual rides to advanced, challenging paths. Find more information about bike rentals here.

Meet Josh Franklin, Director of Recreation & Fitness at The Del

From high energy beach workouts to delicious and nutritious dining options, healthy living at Shore House will be easier than ever, and that’s by design. Take it from Josh Franklin, The Del’s Director of Recreation and Fitness. With a passion for wellness and extensive experience in the hospitality space, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge in health — and fun — to the legendary seaside resort. We sat down with Josh to learn more about his personal fitness routine, role at The Del and his simple tricks for staying healthy at home.

What is your professional background in health and wellness?

Prior to becoming Director of Recreation & Fitness at The Del, I had the pleasure of working at numerous luxury resort properties and iconic hospitality brands over the past 10+ years—including Hilton, The Ritz Carlton, Marriott, and Loews, to name a few.

What led you to your position as Director of Recreation & Fitness at The Del? 

The opportunity to be a part of this iconic resort has been a dream of mine for years. This position was created in essence to bring new and unique owner and guest experiences to The Del. My background and experience was the perfect fit and I was compelled to join the team.

For Shore House owners, what are some examples of unique experiences that may be created and what’s the best way for them to get in touch with you?

We are exploring many options that will be unique and exclusive to Shore House. One of our most popular fitness classes at The Del is Beach Spin and we plan to create a Shore House specific version that will look out to the ocean from the pool. I am available by email at

How would you describe your philosophy on health and wellness?

I simply think health and wellness looks different to everyone. Some are in it for the physical aspect of it and others for mental clarity. We often put a label on it and stigmatize what is the right or wrong way to do it. At the end of the day any step toward bringing health and wellness into your life is the best thing you can do.

How do you practice healthy living in your daily life?

I maintain a healthy diet and allow myself time every day to clear my mind. What you put into your body is so important now more than ever. Throughout the day, I take the time to step away and clear my mind of any negative energy.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for someone at the beginning of their health and wellness journey?

Have patience and trust the process. We often look for quick and immediate gratification and give up when things become inconvenient. Find a rhythm and stick to it.

What are some of the best recreational activities nearby Shore House at The Del?

Here at The Del we have a wide variety of activities and experiences that our owners and guests can enjoy. We offer a multitude of daily fitness classes, surf and stand up paddle board lessons, guided and self guided bike rentals just to name a few.

With beach yoga, beach spin and surf lessons, how does Shore House’s beachfront location elevate the opportunity for wellness experiences?

We truly have the best landscape for all of our owner and guest activities. Our pristine private beach offers us a platform unlike any other to give our owners and guests a true one of a kind experience they cannot get anywhere else.

Where can owners find nutritious dining options to supplement their recreational activities at The Del?

All of our establishments offer a variety of healthy options to choose from. I am a huge fan of the Superfood Salad from Eno Market. It has shredded kale, kohlrabi, red cabbage, carrots, cranberries, pepitas, and a creamy poppy seed dressing that is refreshing and tastes delicious.

What are some healthy activities and practices that our Shore House owners can practice at home?

One of the best practices we can do for ourselves is to start each day off the right way. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and can set your whole day up for success. Swap the coffee and donut for a fresh smoothie or squeezed juice. A hearty granola with fresh fruit is a great alternative to the sugary and processed options we gravitate to. As for activities, keep it simple and start small.

What motivates you to stick to a healthy lifestyle?

I think the positives of a healthy lifestyle is my motivation. Being in a healthy state of mind and setting a good example for my family and friends.

What is your favorite part of your day? What is most fulfilling about your position as Director of Recreation & Fitness?

My favorite part of the day is just before sunset. It gives me the time to reflect on the day and appreciate all that I have done. The most fulfilling part of what I do is seeing the happiness our resort inspires — creating new and unique experiences for our owners and guests to explore and discover is what truly brings me that sense of accomplishment.

A Local’s Guide to Coronado Ferry Landing

With The Del’s prime location, staying local has never been easier. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out all the fun that awaits at the iconic Coronado Ferry Landing. With an endless array of boutique shops, fine dining options, outdoor activities, events and so much more, Coronado Ferry Landing has you and your family covered for a full day of entertainment–all while striking oceanfront views captivate at every turn.

An Iconic Island Landmark 

The lasting legacy of Coronado Ferry Landing and the people it brought to Coronado are an integral part of the history of the Coronado we love today.  The first ever ferryboat entered Coronado Ferry Landing in 1886, and operated from a different location to the one we know today. Initially employing steamboats with side-paddles, the Ferry Landing originally transported workers, cargo and passengers, but now only transports people and bikes. Since it was originally located on Orange Avenue, the retired location of the Coronado Ferryboat Terminal has a restored ticketbooth that explains the original location of the famous landing.

(Image courtesy of Coronado Ferry Landing)

Shopping Galore

 Beyond The Del’s extensive array of shops – which includes newly opened women’s apparel store, Weekends, and beach-inspired gift store, Beachouse – Coronado Ferry Landing features eight boutique stores to explore. The San Diego Trading Co. has all your beachwear needs covered, while Lisa’s Boutique has fashionable women’s jewelry and apparel. Plus, the Coronado Tasting Room invites guests to “try and buy” their celebrated goods. Indulge in delicious cheese plates and wines, and purchase your favorites to bring back home!

Dining By the Sea

Coronado Ferry Landing also features extensive dining options — from quick lunches to gourmet dinners. Stop by the Crown Town Deli or The Village Pizzeria for a quick and easy bite right in the heart of town. Or, head to Il Fornaio for a romantic dining experience, complete with a celebrated wine selection and fine Italian cuisine.

(Image courtesy of Coronado Ferry Landing)

Kayak Rentals For Island Exploring

Explore the sights and sounds of Coronado Bay like never before with The Ferry Landings’ kayak tours. Select a single, double or triple kayak and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Plus, Coronado Ferry Landing offers life vests for dogs for free, so your furry friends can join in on the fun!

Live Music, Seasonal Events & More

When you’re not shopping, dining, biking or kayaking, be sure to check out Coronado Ferry Landing’s fun-filled events. From live music – including live band performances every Sunday – to special seasonal happenings, there’s something for everyone.

Find out more information about the Ferry Landing and check out the upcoming event calendar, here.

Treat Your Sweetheart to Valentine’s Day at The Del

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to spend it than beside the beach with your special someone? Bring your sweetheart to The Del to dine beside the sea, take a romantic seaside stroll along golden sands, indulge in a lavish spa experience and so much more. When it comes to romance, follow your heart right to The Del this Valentine’s Day.

(Image courtesy of Hotel Del)

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Seeking a romantic dining experience? The Del will feature numerous Valentine’s Day dining options at various restaurants to commemorate the special occasion. Discover limited-edition holiday menus available all weekend long at The Del’s signature seaside eatery, Sheerwater, and sea-to-table favorite, Serẽa.

(Image courtesy of Hotel Del)

Spa at The Del

 Between morning strolls and elegant dinner plans, celebrate your love with a relaxing spa day at The Del. Choose from a wide range of ocean-inspired treatments and indulge in total serenity by the sea. And post spa treatment? Retreat to the vanishing edge pool to enjoy stunning ocean views.

Romantic Roast

End your Valentine’s Day on a sweet note with The Del’s romantic Roast. The special offering invites you to cozy up around a private bonfire at The Del Beach, where comfy plush daybeds and mouth-watering s’mores to roast await. The Roast is available nightly at 5:30 and 7:30 pm.

Find out more information on our events offered this Valentine’s Day and beyond, here.

See “A Christmas Carol” at the Lamb’s Players Theatre

In the mood for a show stopping performance? Look no further than the Lamb’s Players Theatre, an intimate, 350-seat boutique stage located just a short walk from The Del. First opened in 1971, the artist-led theatre has continued to exist as a prominent venue for some of the most famous and well-loved plays and musicals. Catch their final play before the new year, ”A Christmas Carol,” or plan a visit during their 2022 season.

An Iconic Venue

Currently in its 50th year of production, the Lamb’s Players Theatre has created a name for itself as a prominent venue not only in San Diego, but across the country. The theater prides itself on its mission to “tell stories well” and uplift their community. The Lamb’s Players Theatre now focuses on delivering small, yet impactful performances to its audiences. The organization also emphasizes the importance of the arts in children’s lives, with their Educational Outreach.

Catch “A Christmas Carol”

To finish off the 2021 season at The Lamb’s Players Theatre, the organization presents “A Christmas Carol,” a whimsical adaptation of the iconic Charles Dickens story, adapted and directed by Kerry Meads. The shows will feature performances at 7 p.m. from December 21-24, with the final show on December 26. Find more information about the play and buy your tickets here

2022 Season

The theatre’s upcoming 2022 season is sure to attract visitors from near and far. From April 2 through June 12, you can catch the smash hit “Million Dollar Quartet.” This performance will focus on the combined works of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis on an evening in 1956 that altered American music history forever. The theater will also perform “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” a suspenseful and incredibly fun Sherlock Holmes mystery. Finally, the 2022 season will wrap up with “Respect” highlighting the most iconic female singers of the 1960s, from Aretha Franklin to Joni Mitchell. 

These electric performances at the nearby Lamb’s Players Theatre are a must-see. Check out the Lamb’s Players Theatre’s website here for more information, and to buy tickets. 

Ring in the New Year at The Del

Seeking New Year’s Eve plans you’ll remember for years to come? Don’t miss The Del’s Roaring 20’s Speakeasy Gala in the Crown Room, where a decadent feast, live music and good company are sure to keep the energy high as we ring in 2022.  

The spectacular event will feature a special live performance by award-winning band, The Mighty Untouchables, plus a live DJ, an open bar, memorable midnight champagne toast and so much more. 

Beyond entertainment, the special celebration will feature an extensive array of live-action food stations including a sushi table, carving station, seafood on carved ice and caviar station, to name a few. And for dessert? Expect an extra sweet menu of divine delicacies, from a “dolled up” chocolate mousse martini bar to “tin pan alley’ sweet shots. 

Guests are invited to arrive at 8 p.m. on December 31. If interested in attending, please browse the various ticket packages available ranging from general admission to a VIP ringside table.

Q&A: Executive Chef Stefan Peroutka on the Reimagined Dining Experience at The Del

Executive Chef Stefan Peroutka thrives on reaching new culinary heights—and most recently, that meant reimagining The Del’s dining experience as The Del completes its Master Plan. Prior to joining The Del—and bringing life to new innovative tastes and designs at ENO Market & Pizzeria, Sun Deck restaurant, Serea and more—Chef Stefan applied his classical European training while working at celebrated restaurants and top hotels around the world, from Austria to California, Portugal, Las Vegas and beyond. We caught up with the talented chef to learn more about his Austrian roots, San Diego- and Baja-inspired culinary creations and new dining experiences at The Del. 

What is your background in culinary arts and what inspired you to become a chef?

I always liked cooking from an early age on, but once I started my apprenticeship it just sucked me in. My first Chef & Mentor Volker Klein opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities in the culinary world. I was inspired by him to go out and learn about different styles of cuisine and embrace other cultures. I certainly have a classic European foundation in culinary arts but I have learned so much over the last 27 years in the field and every day is a new experience. 

How have your experiences growing up in Austria influenced the way you cook today?

I believe it has taught me to embrace simple ingredients and love for down to earth cooking and food.   

What drew you to lead a wide range of culinary operations at The Del?

What can I say, it’s The Del. It’s an amazing place. It presents its challenges, but I do not mind a good challenge. Early on, I saw the visions our owners and leadership team had for the property as a whole and for F&B at The Del. It was something I wanted to take on, to be a part of. I wanted to make part of The Del my own and maybe leave a bit of my own legacy in such a legendary place.

From ENO Market & Pizzeria to the Sun Deck, Babcock & Story Bar, and Serea – how has The Del’s Master Plan and reimagination evolved the dining experiences at the iconic seaside hotel? 

Our new additions have truly elevated the hotel. From the entirely restored Sun Deck with a new oceanfront, 360-degree bar to ENO Market & Pizzeria’s new indoor marketplace with grab-n-go food and new outdoor patio area for pizzeria dining, there is so much more variety for guests to enjoy. I am proud of what we’ve created, and we have a few more projects in the works that have yet to be revealed. It is an honor to offer contemporary and ever-evolving cuisine that keeps our guests coming back and gives them a chance to try something new with every visit. 

How has the Southern California beach lifestyle at The Del influenced your cooking style?

I would say it is more specifically San Diego and Baja California beach lifestyle that has influenced me in the last few years. I draw lots of inspiration from my team, colleagues, my weekend trips and the occasional night out exploring local favorites. It is a great area to explore and immerse yourself in. 

Other than The Del’s Chef Garden, what local farms/farmer’s markets do you shop at regularly?

I like to frequent some of the local markets when time allows—Hillcrest and Little Italy are always fun. For the hotel, we work closely with our vendors that provide bi-weekly farmer and local catch lists to us. We use these to source and incorporate items into our menu or create a special for one of our restaurants 

How do locally sourced ingredients play a role in the dining options?

It’s incredibly important to us. All the chefs on property embrace local ingredients and use them whenever possible. 

Beyond locally sourced ingredients, we also understand there’s a new initiative for the dining establishments at The Del to be more sustainable? Can you share more about this?
We looked at this from multiple angles, food sourcing of course is a big factor, as well as food waste reduction, water conservation, especially  in warewashing, eco friendly to-go vessels. It is a multilevel approach that we always review and improve on. 

With the Holidays upon us, there’s few major dining events at The Del including Christmas Eve Buffet, Christmas Day Buffet, New Year’s Event Roaring 20s Speakeasy and New Year’s Day Brunch. Can you share the scoop on the menu for each?

This year we brought back our spectacular Crown Room holiday events. We just finished Thanksgiving and it was a huge success. The new team that worked with me on these events really raised the bar and did an amazing job elevating the experience for our guests.

We still have limited availability for Christmas eve and Christmas day but seats are going fast.  We also created a new NYE experience—we are bringing the roaring 20s back alive with awesome entertainment, great drinks and a wide raging high and food selection that is really top notch. The event is designed to have you eat, drink, dance, and party all night right into the new year. It’s an all inclusive event that will be just a great all out party for our guests with lots of surprises and culinary delights. 

We understand when not at work that you’re an avid cyclist. What are some of your favorite local rides?

I love to climb on my bike, so anything out in the mountains is on my list. Great Western Loop, some hill repeats up Mount Helix, Honey Springs Rao, Lyon Valley, to name a few. If my schedule permits I also like to ride to work from Bonita where I live to Coronado up the Silver Strand.

Discover The Del’s Legendary Ice House Museum

Seeking to uncover The Del’s storied past? Look no further than the newly restored Ice House Museum — a legendary building that dates back to the early 1900s. As a part of The Del’s Master Plan and reimagination, the Ice House Museum has been thoughtfully updated for a brand new era. Here, guests are welcome to explore permanent exhibits and rotating displays highlighting The Del’s history, learn about the hotel’s many famous guests, explore century-old artifacts or reserve a Haunted Happenings Tour, Legendary Tour or Self-Guided Tour. 

The Ice House Museum

A piece of history itself, the masonry structure was first erected in the early 1900s and was used as the ice-making center for the entire island. Now, the museum is home to an extensive array of historical photos and artifacts — including dinnerware, signs, land deeds, rotating displays and permanent exhibits. Here, you can learn about the hotel’s many famous guests and events through pictures—including a Marilyn Monroe selfie spot — and see real artifacts and pieces used by hotel guests and staff over 100 years ago. 

The Haunted Happenings Tour 

This haunted tour takes you through the chilling history of The Del, and is led by the story of the infamous ghost of Kate Morgan. Kate Morgan was a guest who was found dead on the stairs of The Del, and legend has it, she still haunts the hotel to this day.

The Legendary Tour 

This tour features an in-depth, guided walking tour of the hotel’s historical past, and even includes access to behind-the-scenes areas of The Del. On this 90 minute tour, walk through the Victorian building and gardens while learning about The Del’s abundant history.

The Self-guided Tour 

The Del’s Self-guided tour gives guests the opportunity to explore the hotel’s past on their own. This tour offers a fun experience complete with letters, oral histories, audio reenactments and stories from the staff to uncover the hotel’s history on your own. 

Located just outside the Ice House Museum is The Legacy Court, which will host receptions and intimate cocktail parties. Preserving the history of the original hotel, The Legacy Court includes reclaimed bricks from the original industrial buildings from 1910. The Legacy Brick Program was created for friends of The Del to customize a brick—commemorating a special occasion or preserving the memory of a loved one.

With the new Ice House Museum and these exciting and informative tours, you can easily uncover the storied past of The Del. Admission to the museum is complimentary, and you reserve a tour online and find out more information here.

Explore The Del’s Upcoming Holiday Festivities

The Holiday season is in full swing at Hotel del Coronado. Turn up the cheer with an extensive array of festivities — from Skating by the Sea to the “At First Light” Light Show Spectacular. 

Christmas Eve at The Del

Celebrate Christmas Eve in the spectacular Crown Room at The Del for a lavish buffet. Complete with “culinary surprises and traditional favorites” the Christmas Eve event will be a night to remember surrounded by loved ones. Don’t miss this fantastic Christmas celebration, with stunning decorations and a two-story tree in The Del’s newly-restored lobby.

Skating by the Sea

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with some ice skating? At The Del’s Skating by the Sea, the beachfront ice rink gives guests the opportunity to skate amidst stunning views of The Pacific. Additionally, guests can enjoy festive cocktails and boozy hot chocolates from the Frostbite bar. 

“At First Light” Light show Spectacular

At The Del’s “At First Light” Light Show Spectacular, experience a captivating light orchestrated set to brilliant music on the Founder’s Lawn. Continuing through January second, the brilliant light show takes place every thirty minutes nightly from 5 p.m – 9 p.m.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Del Coronado

Christmas Dining

Celebrate Christmas with a glorious holiday feast in the dazzling Crown Room. Indulge in an elegant buffet dinner on Christmas Eve and a special Christmas Day Brunch, complete with traditional fare and some gourmet surprises.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Del Coronado

New Year’s Day Brunch

Start the new year on the right foot with The Del’s New Year’s Day Brunch. Enjoy a wonderful meal in the elegant Ocean Room, featuring a chilled seafood bar, international cuisine and carving stations. Also available is the option to upgrade to the unlimited Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar to ring in the New Year.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Del Coronado

Whether you’re skating by the sea or enjoying a delicious, festive dinner, the holidays at The Del are a truly magical time of year. For more details on the cheer-filled events to come, visit our website.